For all the glow-getters,

The latest buzz in the beauty industry is something called Skinimalism. We're talking about one of the most hyped skincare trends for 2023. The idea of ​​it is simple – Less is more, achieve glowing skin with less products and steps, not more.

The new beauty is natural, dewy, soft and minimalistic.


To achieve this, skinimalism is all about:

  • Cutting back your routine to just what your skin needs,
  • Using natural and even homemade products,
  • Treating your skin to wholesome, cruelty-free ingredients that are good for the planet,
  • Get that natural glow using new skincare practices



Step-by-step: How to make your skin glow:

  • Removing makeup : Sure, sometimes you're exhausted when you get home after a long day—but makeup removal is key! If you don't thoroughly remove your makeup every evening, you may find yourself with clogged pores and increased blemishes. Try a gentle remover like this rose water: Ô de rose from Maison d’Asa. to cleanse, tone & hydrate your skin. It's 100% pure steam distilled Rosa Damascena from Morocco's Valley of Roses. It has Antioxidant properties, reduces signs of aging for a healthy and toned skin. It is for all skin types and you can apply it on eyes, face, and neck.
  • Exfoliating: Exfoliating once or twice a week using a good facial scrub like “face scrub: perfect complexion” will remove dead skin, surface debris & impurities. It refines pores & restores skin luminosity.. What's more, it'll stimulate blood circulation in your face – which is another key in how to get glowing skin.
  • Cleansing: Cleansing is a key step to any skin care routine and essential for washing away impurities that may be causing a dull complexion.
  • Moisturizing: Rehydration is a key component of skinimalism. A good daily moisturizer like “delight face cream with Argan nuggets” provides a 24H healthy looking glow + deep moisture. For an extra glow add a few drops of the Argan Elixir AKA the “liquid gold”, which deeply moisturizes, prevents wrinkles appearance, and makes the skin firmer. Its components are Argan oil which is known for its moisturizing benefits and vitamin E which helps reduce inflammation and makes your skin look younger.

Now let's move on to work on that body glow, while of course staying skinimalistic. With only two steps you'll get the body glow of your dreams:

  • Exfoliating: Using “Mint body mask” on wet skin, exfoliate and leave it for 5-10min then rinse off. This mask will help purify, nourish, and prepare your skin for hydration.
  • Moisturizing: Now that your skin is exfoliated, it is time for hydration. Using the body oil “bois d’orient”. It can be applied on dry or moist skin, helps hydrates, nourish and stimulate the skin.

Oh and, a glowing skin needs protection, so don't forget SPF. Now you can proudly walk around like the glowing goddess that you are with no fuss, no muss. Join the “skip-care” movement by avoiding the unnecessary products, embracing your natural skin tone and texture, and keeping things effortless.